T Spheres - Aromatherapy Infused Massage Balls


Take control of stress and muscle tension. T Spheres combine the benefit of massage and aromatherapy in one simple product. Applications include: Self massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and acupressure. T Spheres can also be used in session to aid your movement practice during Yoga, Pilates and Crossfit for example.

Guided massage with T Spheres and the correct movement routine can assist with:

- Neck Tension and Headaches          
- Shoulder Pain
- Tennis and Golfers elbow
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Back Pain Reduction of tension in the hips, hamstrings and hip flexors
- Reduce calf muscle tightness
- Relief of foot pain and Plantar Fasciitis


Aromatherapy is released from T Spheres upon contact. This enables the central nervous system to respond to stress levels naturally. Each set has specific beneficial qualities. The breath is key to releasing tension and the aromatherapy aspect of T Spheres reminds your body to breathe while you self-massage.


The CEO/founder of T spheres: Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST has been practicing massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and studying movement in relationship to pain relief for over 22 years. Her extensive education, diverse clientele and constant travels for her work led her to the invention of T Spheres.


  27mm Tiny
T Spheres

T Spheres

T Spheres

3ml Re-infuser
Included in Pack

Peace and Quiet:

Inner Beauty:
Rose Geranium

  X   X  
Perk Up:
Grapefruit &

  X   X  
Pep Up Mint:

Dragon Fly Yoga:
Ohm Away
Geranium &


T Spheres

Additional Ways to Use Your
T Spheres

Warm technique: Bring water to a boil, add T Spheres for 2-3 minutes, remove and pat dry. Or place in microwave-safe bowl with water and microwave for 1-2 minutes. Test heat before application.

Cold technique: Place in freezer for 30 minutes or store in the freezer (use a zip lock bag to retain freshness). This technique is suggested for headache relief.

Caring for Your T Spheres

Do not wash T Spheres with soap. Rinse in cold water and re-infuse if desired. Re-infuse after hot & cold techniques. Note: Please use caution when using T Spheres with fine linens and garments. The aromatherapy oil infusion lasts up to 3 months when you store your T Spheres in their EVA-lined carrying pouch. Remember that hot and cold use will decrease the lifespan of the infusion.

Using Your Aromatherapy Reinfuser

Use the enclosed spray-top bottle to re-infuse aroma when needed. Spray one or two drops of oil onto T Spheres or into the palm of your hand, and massage oil into T Spheres. The re-infuser oils can be used as a pick-me-up aroma on pulse points such as wrists & neck.

Refill Oils for your T Spheres Set

Free re-infusers are included with selected sets. See table to the left. Refills will be available to purchase in the UK, Summer 2015. In the meantime visit tspheres.com to order these or contact Stephanie@tspheres.com. All oils for T Spheres products are 100% natural, organic & pesticide free — hand blended per order in NYC at T Spheres Inc.

health notes

If you are pregnant, consult your doula, midwife, prenatal massage therapist or doctor. T Spheres can be used an adjunct to intervention provided by your health care practitioner or fitness professional. For any other health concerns consult your health care practitioner. This product is for adults and supervised children ages 3 and up and should not be used as a toy for pets: Choking Hazard.