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Leslie Abrahams

Leslie Abrahams

Already having completed his training in Physiotherapy, Leslie (co-founder & owner of Bodies Under Construction), went in search of exercise methods to assist his patients to recover from injuries and believed that he could do a lot more for them than just giving them a few exercises at the end of their physiotherapy sessions. He initially cultivated a love for rehabilitative exercises whilst running his own Physiotherapy Practices specialising in land and water-based back rehabilitation, in Cape Town, South Africa. He Graduated with honours in Physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1998. In 2004 Leslie moved to the UK and continued on his Pilates Journey, and studied with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). Leslie is now also an international Presenter and APPI Pilates Educator, and regularly travels locally and abroad to present these courses to Physiotherapists and other health professionals. He has experience dealing with clients post injury and surgery to functional restoration. He also enjoys challenging his fit clients with higher-level exercises


Nicola is a fully accredited Pilates Instructor from Body Arts & Science International (BASI Pilates®), a leading Pilates education academy led by the world renowned Rael Isacowitz. After graduating in Chemistry in 2004, Nicola became a Project Manager in the banking industry. During this time she began a regular practice of Pilates; finding it to be an exercise method that brings mental balance and overall wellbeing to a hectic lifestyle and demanding career. Falling in love with Pilates, Nicola left her desk-based profession and started training to be a Pilates instructor in 2014. As such, she relates to the many clients who have been impacted by office jobs on the body. Her personal journey has allowed understanding of movement and postural difficulties, and the commitment and time required to make an improvement. A self professed 'Pilates Nerd', Nicola enjoys nothing more than sharing her enthusiasm for Pilates with others; helping clients reach their goals and seeing them leave their class feeling invigorated, with a smile on their face!

Sibylla Meienberg

Sibylla Meienberg

Sibylla, originally from Switzerland, was a keen figure skater, competing at national level. Upon leaving the competitive figure skating world Sibylla moved to London to pursue an acting career. It was during this time at drama school that she was introduced to pilates, discovering its benefits for herself. Through her own injuries she has found pilates to be indispensible to her recovery. She trained with Pilates International (now Sampson Pilates) and has been teaching across London for the past 8 years. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of clients, finds it extremely rewarding when clients are able to perform exercises or movements that they once struggled with, seeing that movement is a healer.

Magdelna Tylutki

Magdalena Tylutki

Originally from Poland, Magdalena is a certified Pilates instructor with over ten years experience teaching throughout Europe and Australia. A qualified pharmacist, Magdalena made a life-changing decision to leverage her in depth knowledge of the human body and pursue her love of exercise, becoming an accredited fitness instructor and certified body building trainer. Having experienced so many forms of exercise, Magdalena was amazed by the benefits of Pilates in terms of strength, flexibility and relaxation. She has specialised in Pilates ever since discovering it. She studied Pilates through the Pilates Institute, Queensland Institute of Pilates and most recently Polestar International. She moved to Australia in 2006, mastering English and teaching permanently in many places around Brisbane.

Valentina Verno

Valentina came to Pilates after suffering a disk injury during her ballet years. She found that Pilates kept her pain free, where doctors and medications failed. That is when she decided to discover more about Pilates and ended up embracing the discipline and making it a greater part of her life and ultimately bringing its benefits to other people. Valentina first qualified in Yoga earning a Yoga Campus diploma in 2011 and is British Wheel of Yoga Certified. She coupled that with study, self practice and experiential knowledge of Pilates being coached by APPI and STOTT qualified teachers. She also undertook a formal teacher training and qualified as a STOTT Pilates instructor coupled with a  REPS level 3 Diploma  (Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates Professionals). "

Stephanie Boyles

Stephanie Boyles

Steph trained with Polestar Pilates and teaches both mat and equipment and has a bias towards using Pilates as a rehabilitation tool. She has a keen interest in helping people overcome pain and weaknesses, by helping to improve their function. She very much enjoys assisting people in achieving their fitness and wellness goals through the use of pilates.

Steph also qualified as a sports and remedial massage therapist in 2003, with the International Institute of Sports Therapy. She is very passionate about the benefits of massage and working in conjunction with physiotherapists and pilates in order to reduce your recovery time after injury.

Steph enjoys travelling and is a keen mountain biker, scuba diver and is now attempting kite-surfing. She is also a fluent Spanish speaker.

Stefania Amaducci

Stefania was born in Italy and began dancing at 4 years old. She started at The Royal Academy of Dance and switched to the American- style Ballet. After a while Stefania became interested in contemporary dance and in 2006 she moved to Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, she received a three year diploma and a Company year Bodhi Project”Artist in practice”(one year Postgraduate Program). In 2009 she gained a BASI Pilates Certificate and she became a fully qualified Pilates Instructor . She has worked privately with clients in Italy and most recently has been teaching in Brussels as a Yoga and Pilates Instructor where she worked at Coached By Marie/ Corpus Studio/ ByP Brussel /Jims Porte De Namur/Worldclass Fitness Center, BE Pilates Studio . Stefania enjoys making her clients feel good and satisfied. Her goal is to always make the clients feel comfortable in what they do and and she always adds her own personal experience from a dancers point of view. Stefania is still active as a performer and a professional contemporary dancer.


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