BUC Kids  - Training for Professionals

Learn how to implement a safe and effective exercise program and movement intervention for Kids within your Health clinic and Community

Health Professional Training Weekends 

Bodies Under Construction Kids run evidence based training courses for Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and other key players in Child Health and Exercise. Our aim is to see children of all physical abilities enjoying exercise which leads on to a healthy, active adulthood. Increased opportunity to exercise with programmes that consider greater range in abilities enables more children to increase gross motor skills. With improved gross motor skill comes increased fine motor ability and improved academic outcomes. 


This 2 day practical course will cover the following content;

  • Exercise and its positive effects on the brain, cognition and learning capability.
  • Current guidelines and the public health agenda for children in the UK and how and we will consider what our role is in their delivery.
  • Teach and provide resources to use our exercise programmes designed for 1:1 or group work with these children including the StartWrite, JumpWrite, RunWrite exercise programmes
  • Health promotion in schools – assemble talk material and evidence behind getting more involved in transferring knowledge to teachers and pupils
  • We will show the link between educational goals like improved handwriting and improving general motor skills from the evidence and our programmes currently in action in schools in Surrey Impact of exercise on Hypermobility, ADHD, ASD, Hypotonia, DCD

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Bodies Under Construction Kids


Next Course Dates:

  • Next course TBC for 2018
  • Presented by Paeds Physio - Michelle Burns
  • Venue - The Portland Hospital - London

Why Attend?

  • This course provides the latest evidence base for exercise intervention in all children, including those with mild to moderate movement difficulties.
  • BUC Kids exercise programmes use a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Swiss Ball, Agility, Proprioception and Muscle strengthening exercises
  • Help Kids improve their gross motor skills and postural core control.
  • Learn how to increase a child’s capacity for learning through improvement in handwriting skills, greater stamina for sitting at desks, as well as increased skills for sports and games
  • Done for you exercise packs that will enable them to help children in the clinic and in schools to engage in more effective activities and exercise. 
  • Increase your confidence to become a more active spokesperson for exercise promotion and implementation in your community.