Private Medical Insurance

We are registered with all major health insurance companies in the UK. Most require that you have a GP or consultant referral for Physiotherapy. Please contact your insurance company to clarify.

We work in association with all leading insurance companies. Here are examples of the most common UK insurers:

Bupa UK and Axa PPP

We claim funds for your treatment directly from these insurers. In order to do so we require your policy number and treatment authorisation code. Please use our clinic number and name Bodies Under Construction and clinic postcode when communicating with them. You are responsible for all excess or shortfalls on your account that may become due, for any amounts not covered by your insurance. Sessions with Bupa and Axa PPP are minumum of 45 minutes long for the initial consult, followed by sessions that are 30 minutes long per condition being treated. Please remember that ultimately, you are responsible for any shortfall or excess payments to us where your insurance company have deducted funds for sessions done.


Bodies Under Construction Insurance Numbers:

Chiswick:  Post Code W4 2SX

BUPA: 80010623                  
AXA PPP: ZZ02559

Putney:  Post Code SW15 6SY

BUPA: 80010624                  
AXA PPP: ZZ02560

All other Insurance Companies

(Including Bupa International)
We are covered by all insurance companies. Fees are payable to us directly at the time of your appointment. We’ll provide you with a receipt so you can claim funds back from your insurance company.

In some instances your insurance company may choose to send your claim through an umbrella company such as NUFFIELD or IPRS. If this is the case we will be informed and will contact you to book your sessions. We will claim payment directly from Nuffield or IPRS for the exact amount of sessions authorised. You will be required to settle privately for any sessions outside of this authorisation.


Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information or Contact us.