How we help schools

We can offer expert advice, training and support

  • With the increase of motor disorders in childhood there is a growing need for information, advice and support in schools, for staff as well as children.
  • Teaching staff who attend our training workshops will gain an increased knowledge and understanding of children with motor difficulties and how that contributes to behavourial and handwriting difficulties. They will also be taught strategies to implement along with the exercise programmes which will increase the skills and abilities of these children.
  • Implementing our programmes in the school routine provides children with the opportunity to attend an exercise programme 3-4 times weekly. This amount of practice will enable a vast improvement in skills and self-confidence. BUC Kids programmes can be run as a breakfast club, 1:1 or after-school activity. Children with difficulties can be invited to participate or offered the activity as part of their learning objectives.
  • It is a cost effective addition to, or follow-on from, 1-1 therapy and provides those children who don’t have access to 1-1 therapy with an intervention based on therapeutic principles. Trained teaching staff will be well equipped to provide and monitor participation in the exercises and feel more confident in their understanding and support of these children.
  • BUC kids training and mentoring provides a support structure for staff and children within the school setting taking into account the physical and academic needs.


Bodies Under Construction Kids


  • Cost effective provision of an intervention package for children with developmental difficulties with mentoring from trained health professionals
  • Easy to implement exercise programmes and advice tailored to specific difficulties
  • Increased confidence in teaching staff dealing with children with learning and behavioural difficulties