Nutrition, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

At Bodies under Construction we believe that maintaining optimal health throughout your life requires not only attending to your physical health but also cultivating a healthy mind. We work with a number of expert clinicians, who offer services over and above our specialities. We aim to provide a complete cycle of care; from the immediate treatment of your pain and sports injury rehabilitation through to lifestyle changes and preventative exercise.

‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ‘World Health Organization, 1948

Nutrition - Fleur Borrelli

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutritional science in the promotion of optimal health and peak performance disease prevention and patient care.

A Nutritional Therapy Approach is a step-by-step approach that recognises biochemical individuality. Biochemical individuality refers to the unique nutritional needs each person has, based on their genetics, lifestyle and environmental exposure to various stresses. Scientifically validated cutting edge technology is used to identify important biomarkers of health in order to develop individualised treatment plans for the promotion of optimum health and longevity and disease management.

New Body Composition Analysis Device as used in First Line Therapy is a technological step forward that will help us to find out your overall cellular health and internal and external body composition.

Whether you would like to adopt a healthier lifestyle, improve your stress or your energy levels or whether you would like to address a specific health condition; a nutritional consultation will be of benefit to you. We design a dietary and supplement programme based on individual needs, using established scientific knowledge and findings from the latest medical research.  

For more information about this service

Contact Fleur Borrelli. 
Tel: 07766883522

Nutritional Therapist - Fleur Borrelli

Nutrition - Fleur BorrelliFleur addresses medical health conditions using nutritional medicine. She is unique in that she offers nutritional medicine from a psycho-neuro-immunology perspective. By bringing in the latest developments in psychology, neurology, endocrinology and immunology is able to take into account all that can affect our health and wellbeing. She offers part preventative, part regenerative medicine using food as medicine, exercise advice and psychosocial techniques. 

She offers the following:

• Nutrigenetics – personalised disease prevention advice using DNA testing.
• The award winning Metabolic Balance weight management programme.
• The most up-to-date testing for food intolerances and allergies. • Hormone balancing programmes.
• Sports nutrition with DNA testing to maximise performance and recovery time.
• A Phlebotomy service – blood draw for clinical or medical testing.

For more information about this service

Contact Fleur Borrelli.
Tel: 07766883522

Life and Executive Coaching - Kinga Broel-Plater

Life and Executive Coaching - Kinga Broel-PlaterKinga is a passionate life and executive coach. She works closely with many private clients to help them create balance and wellbeing along with reaching their dream goals and achieve the results they desire in their personal life but also has great insights and understanding of real business issues at many levels which makes her a great business coach too. She holds a MSc in business administration and finance, and is an ITS accredited coach and NLP Master practitioner. She has an extensive business background through a number of consulting, sales and management roles.  Aside of being a part of the Bodies under construction practice, she runs her own coaching practise ( along with being co-founder of a social enterprise which runs courses and uses coaching skills to help young adults on their journey through life ( Her mission in life is to help make a difference to people and businesses in a meaningful and long lasting way.

Kinga’s contact details

Mobile: +44 (0)7796 955 797

Are you living life to your full potential? Are you happy with all areas of your life?

Life coaching has the potential to transform your life, enabling you to live a fuller, more satisfied life true to who you really are and true to what’s important to you. Your coach will help you evaluate the current state of play and help you plan what it is you would like to have happen. Together you will set actions to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your coach will be there to support you, challenge you and celebrate with you along the way.

Coaching strives for results, balance and satisfaction in all areas of your life such as work, home, family, health, relationships, finance, spirituality, personal development etc.

Coaching and NLP can help with a variety of issues such as weight management, health management, working with physical symptoms and pain, defining a new career/ purpose, anxiety, trauma, phobias, relationship problems, overwhelm and stress etc.

Hypnotherapy - Mary Grace Anderson

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - Mary Grace AndersonMarygrace Anderson is the Clinical Hypnotherapist from MG Hyphosis who works with us here at Bodies Under Construction Physio within our Chiswick Clinic. Appointments can be made by calling Mary Grace directly on 07931 547 414 or by emailing . Here at Bodies Under Construction within our Chiswick clinic and in association with MG Hypnosis, we offer a comprehensive service for clients looking for additional help in the complete cycle of care including lifestyle changes and body and mind wellbeing. Visit .

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that uses hypnosis to alter the way you feel or to change aspects of your life which need improving. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural condition that we experience every day of our lives, like day dreaming. We drift in and out of a hypnotic state all day long without being aware of it. Under hypnosis, we are capable of making amazing changes to our thinking patterns and unlocking unlimited potential to improve and transform our lives.


These sessions take place in a private and confidential setting and we can assist you with difficulties you are facing or that are affecting your daily life including relationship issues, addiction, loss, work stress, accidents or trauma.