Get Started

Initial Consult:

Your initial consultation will be 45min long. It is recommended that you arrive at the clinic 5 minutes before the start of your session to ensure there is enough time to fill in the required paperwork. The therapist will come to meet you and take you into one of our private treatment rooms. You will discuss your reason for visiting the practice, we'll do an assessment of your problem and if appropriate an initial diagnosis will be made. The therapist will inform you of the various ways your injury can be treated and recommend a treatment plan going forward. There is usually time for the treatment to start in your initial session.

If you have any GP/Consultant letters, MRI scans etc. concerning your complaint, please bring these with you, as it is important that the therapist is aware of any previous treatment.

We would suggest that you wear something that you are comfortable in. There is no real need for the first session to wear anything specific although do bear in mind that you may be required to remove certain items of clothing based on where your injury is. We are able to provide disposable shorts and will always use towels to protect your modesty where necessary.

During the initial session the therapist may discuss exercise therapy which may include aqua therapy, gym based exercise or using the large Pilates equipment for rehabilitation work in future sessions. For these sessions it is best if you wear comfortable clothing, which enables your full range of movement. Clothing without excess zips and buttons is best.

Contact us for Free Advice:

We are more than happy to discuss your problem over the phone, or if we just wanted to chat for a few minutes in person about how we can help. Please contact us by clicking the link below or simply call us on 02087474029.